Samanta Virginia Sciascio

Practicing Areas

Sworn English-Spanish Translator with fourteen years of experience in IP law firms. She has worked in FRTB for five consecutive years up to the present.
Samanta works in the Patent Department of FRTB, for domestic and foreign clients, and deals mainly with patents, utility models and industrial designs. She is involved in the administrative prosecution of the applications, in following-up deadlines and extensions of time, Office Actions, in the calculation and payment proceedings for maintenance fees, in the revision of priority documents and priority assignment documents, transfers of rights, changes of name, in the preparation of briefs, of Spanish and English reports and in following-up the proceedings until their granting and issue.
Samanta translates documents from English into Spanish and vice-versa, in compliance with local regulations.
She also contributes to the Trademark Department providing her opinion in possible oppositions to be filed by clients.


Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA).

Seminars, Courses and Workshops

2011 Advanced Patent & Licensing Seminar provided by the law firm Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP in Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.A.
March-April 2010 – General Course on Intellectual Property (Distance Learning) provided by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), passed. Mention: A – Excellent.
May 2010: Workshop organized by the Argentine Association of Industrial Property Agents (AAAPI) about patent proceedings: formality v. substantive examination.
May 2009: Workshop “Initiation to Patent Proceedings” organized by the National Board of Industrial Property (Patent Office).


2006, Sworn Translator, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina – Law School.


Spanish and English.