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Laura Plavnick



Field of expertise

She has been part of the Firm since its founding.

Laura is a lawyer with twenty years of experience in the Industrial and Intellectual Property field. She has a strong vocation for service in the litigation field.

She has broad experience in all kinds of cases related mainly to trademark issues, but she has also handled commercial litigation matters on behalf of certain clients where circumstances have so required.

In particular, throughout all these years she has especially focused on the defense of the intangible assets of numerous clients, thus bringing countless antipiracy actions mainly within the civil law sphere in commercial premises in various locations of the Argentine Republic, whether the business facilities concerned were formally or informally set up.

Laura has also handled cases of infractions performed through the Internet, such as the commercialization of goods infringing registered trademarks, as well as cases concerning the recovery of domain names.

She has participated in various forums related to the defense of trademark registrations at the Customs Office, and has given several presentations before the Trademark Fraud Division on occasion of the creation of the Alert Entries System by the Customs Office.

Finally, as part of the broad spectrum of activities Laura has performed and continues to perform, she has also taken part in the process for the registration of technology transfer agreements, and has handled matters related to the protection and/or defense of copyrights, customer defense, and commercial loyalty.


Buenos Aires Public Bar Association


Spanish and English.


University of Buenos Aires, School of Law (Lawyer, 1994).